Inspired by the traditional elements of the East Coast, shells that wash up on the beaches of Hawai`i and the cobblestone streets of Spain, The Knotty Mermaid aims to create versatile pieces that can survive an all-day affair at the beach or a night out on the town. As a celebration of beauty, nature, and freedom, each piece of jewelry is handcrafted and made with the finest materials available. The From the Sea collection incorporates handpicked shells and beach treasures, and as such, many pieces are made in limited quantities or are the only one of their kind.

The Knotty Mermaid is designed for those that seek a life of adventure. For those who follow their hearts, no matter where it takes them. And for those who never stop exploring the unknown. We believe that all girls have a bit of Knotty in them and our jewelry is there to celebrate that spirit. We hope that you find something you love! Thank you for stopping by and please let us know if you have any questions.