Do you do custom orders?

Yes! Whether it’s for yourself, a loved one, or a group of bridesmaids, we LOVE collaborating with our customers to create special and unique pieces. Please email us at info@theknottymermaid.com for design and pricing inquiries.

I just placed an order. When will it ship?

While we may have the piece that you ordered in stock, the majority of pieces are handmade to order. For this reason, your order may take up to 2 weeks to ship (with an exception of the holiday season). Need your piece sooner for a last-minute gift or special event? Email us at info@theknottymermaid.com or make a note on your order in the “Order Notes” box and we will do our best to work within your time frame. Custom and large orders may require more time. Once your order has been shipped, you will receive a tracking number via email so that you can know exactly when you can expect your order to arrive.

What materials do you use?

The Knotty Mermaid always uses sterling silver or 14-karat gold-filled wire, chain and findings. These materials, when cared for properly, will not tarnish and will last for many years. They will not turn your skin green or irritate sensitive skin. If another type of material is used, it will be clearly indicated in the description of the piece. Accent pieces, such as semi-precious stones and Swarovski crystals, will also be described in product descriptions.

*All shells used by The Knotty Mermaid are only picked once they have been abandoned by their natural inhabitants. We will NEVER take a shell from the sand or sea if there is a living creature inside. For this reason, some of our shells are more rare than others. For questions or concerns about our shell-gathering processes, please shoot us an email at info@theknottymermaid.com.

What does “gold-filled” mean?

Gold-filled wire and chain is created by taking 14k solid gold and bonding it through extreme heat and pressure to a core of semi-precious metal. The result is a metal that is extremely durable and does not flake or rub off. In fact, gold-filled metal wears just like solid gold and if properly cared for, can be passed down as a family heirloom.

How do I determine my size for bracelets and rings?

To determine your bangle size, bring your thumb and pinky finger together like you would when you would put on your bracelet. Using a flexible tape measure or a piece of string, measure around your hand at the widest point – at the knuckles and thumb. The number where the measuring tape overlaps is your hand size.

Determining your ring size is a bit trickier. www.findmyringsize.com is a great resource if you don’t know your ring size. As always, please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have specific questions regarding what size is right for you!

How will my jewelry arrive?

Jewelry is shipped in reusable Knotty Mermaid boxes. Please note that this packaging is exclusive to online purchases through The Knotty Mermaid website. Purchases in stores or online through our retailers may be packaged differently.

How do I care for my jewelry?

If you’re like us, you like to wear your jewelry everywhere – working out, gardening, washing the truck, or soaking up the sun and salt. While we use quality materials to extend the stability and longevity of our jewelry, handmade jewelry can be delicate. We know that you like to get your hands dirty, so a little extra TLC will go a long way to preserve and increase the life span of your pieces.

If you wear your jewelry in salt water (like we do all the time!), be sure to rinse in fresh water as soon as possible. If you ever take your pieces off, it is best to store your jewelry in an air-tight container, either flat or hanging to avoid getting kinks or knots in chains.

To clean your jewelry, use a jewelry polishing cloth. You’ll be surprised how much a little polish can make your pieces shine! You can also rub with warm sudsy water using a gentle soap and a wash cloth. Be sure to rinse off all soap and dry jewelry with a soft cloth.

What forms of payment do you accept?

The following forms of payment are accepted: Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover via PayPal. All payments are secure and use PayPal encryption. The Knotty Mermaid does not have access to any credit card information.

How do you calculate shipping costs?

Shipping costs are calculated based on the average size and weight of a box. Multiple items may be placed in the same box to reduce shipping costs. If, for some reason, you would like items in individual boxes, please let us know in the “Order Notes” box during check out.